January walks

Into our third month of circular Monday walks and England is back into full national lockdown – so we need to stay fairly close to home. Here’s what we’ve been up to…

I’m currently creating a map of all of our circular walks.

4 Jan – Milton to Chesterton circuit

4.8 mile circuit. From Fen Road, Milton, through Milton Country Park to the A14 footbridge. Via Cowley Road to Cambridge North Station, then cut through to the river at Chesterton. Return along the river back to Baits Bite Lock, Milton and back to Fen Road.

Joined by Ella for a circuit around Milton, past my first-ever workplace at St John’s Innovation Centre, and the new(ish) station at Cambridge North to the river. Not too many boats (or, thankfully, bikes) out from locked-down, Christmas holiday Cambridge today. A good, mud-free winter walk.

11 Jan – Histon – Oakington – Girton circuit

5.8 miles. From the village green in Histon, out along Park Lane. Take the public bridleway to Westwick. Walk through Oakington village via Mill Rd, High St, Coles Lane. Take the Cambridge Rd to Girton, turning left onto the bridleway by Beck Brook as you enter the village. When this emerges on the busway, turn right and follow the busway until it hits Station Rd – follow this road back to Histon green.

A good, nearby walk. Ideal for winter – a mix of cross-country (but not too muddy), pavement (the Oakington-Girton stretch is the only bit where you need to worry about traffic) and busway. Plenty of options to shorten or lengthen (e.g., continue into Girton and follow path back to Histon from near church). A good local discovery.

18 Jan – Wandlebury – Stapleford loop

Walk 24 inĀ Cambridgeshire Circular Walks. 7 miles.

Starting from what passes around here for a hill (elevation all of 75m), we cut from Wandlebury Ring down over the Magog Down and along Haverhill Road (3/4 mile next to speeding traffic is the least fun bit of the walk) into Stapleford. A little tour of the village and then across relatively uninspiring farm land before a more attractive ‘climb’ back up Copley Hill and along the old Roman Road to the back of the Wandlebury park. Good to have some contours – and scope for smaller loops on another day. Pretty good from the mud point-of-view for January too.

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