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Paul and Jo's Wedding
Photos, Reception & Evening

(Photographs taken by Marian, Nicki & Noel)

David, Martin, Paul & Brendan

Brendan, Sheelagh & Jason

Marian, Katie & Nuala
Five out of six Wardes
Stephen, Ella & Joy
Not down in the mouth!
Sarah & Paul
Ella and Rachel chasing bubbles
Overseas contingent
Six out seven cousins
Nicki, Emma & Sarah
Noel, Sheila, Brenda, Alex & Bob - Older generation
Having a pint in the shade
Nuala makes a point to Katie & Brendan at the reception
Ella tweaks Papa's nose
Cool Martha!
Joy, Stephen & Martha
Wide awake Martha
Ella and Papa
Nuala and Katie
Alice and Martin

Joy, Nicki, Nuala & Katie

Wedding Cake made by Jo's Grandma
Cutting the Cake
Mr & Mrs Warde take the floor
Still going strong
Old and young
Back at Tillington