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Grange, New Grange and Monasterboice
Ray, Noel, Brenda & Trudie at Grange
Big brother and middle sister
David, Noel, Brenda & Anya
Plan of New Grange
NewGrange is one of the finest examples, not only in Ireland, but in Western Europe of the type of tomb known as a passage grave. Its probable date of erection is about 3200 BC
Plan of New Grange
The Boyne Valley
River Boyne
New Grange
The entrance stone
Satellite tomb in field below New Grange

The mound from the back

Reconstructed tomb
Kerbstone 52
In addition to New Grange there are two other equally large mounds. Knowth lies upstream about 1 km to the NW of New Grange and Dowth is downstream, a little over 1 km to the NE.. From the summit of any of
The entrance
the 3 mounds the other 2 are visible
Possible section of house
As area could have been
The west face of the great 5.4 metre monolithic 10th century St. Muiredach's Cross at Monasterboice
The North Cross and granite sundial which fixed the hours of worshipat Monasterboice.