Family tree

Stephen writes: A big hobby of Dad’s during his retirement was genealogy.

He developed the family tree back 200 years, uncovering our roots primarily in the north of Ireland, but also in Scotland, Dublin, the north of England and, in the weirdest connection of all, back to the workhouse in Cambridge in 1835, just 10 minutes walk from where I ended up working 170 years later – I’ve written here about this surprising family story.

My brother Paul, the professional historian in the family, has done some more work on the story. When I make the time to catch up with him about it, I’ll probably post some more info here. Meanwhile, here’s a link to an essay of Paul’s on the history of Tiree – the outermost of the Inner Hebrides – including lots of info on our family connection.

Finally, here’s a picture I made some years back based on Dad’s work at the time and showing the direct ancestors of my daughter, Ella (and also, of course, of her sister, Martha, who wasn’t around at the time).

If you’re a Warde or a Marley, a Darroch or an Owens, a Jones or a George, or something else and think you might be related to us – get in touch!