I’m Stephen Warde.

Welcome to our family website.

Until recently, I worked at Granta Design, where I was Vice President of Marketing. I joined Granta, a University of Cambridge start-up, in 2006, when it was just 35 people, and I managed marketing and product management for the company as it grew to nearly 200 people, becoming the leader in its niche field of software and information resources for materials engineering.

In early 2019, we sold the company to Ansys, one of the world’s most successful engineering software companies. I spent just over a year supporting the integration of Granta into Ansys, and then it seemed a good time to take a break after 14 years at Granta – and nearly 30 years in the scientific software business.

So, right now, I’m enjoying some time out, trying to learn and practice some interesting and useful skills, and sorting out the house and garden. I’d planned a ‘gap year’ including some family travel, particularly in our new campervan – but the coronavirus lockdown has (hopefully temporarily) got in the way of that.

I’ll be looking for new work projects, probably in late 2020 / early 2021 – although I’m always open to something interesting in the meantime. You can get in touch via LinkedIn (link below).

Here’s some more stuff relevant to my history:

  • In 1990, I joined Cambridge University spin-out Cambridge Molecular Design, which did molecular-level modelling of materials. CMD was acquired by Molecular Simulations Inc. (MSI) in 1991 and I stayed with its successor companies through many mergers and acquisitions for over 15 years. A great opportunity to gain experience, travel, and work with interesting people and companies. When I left, it was Accelrys Inc., the top name in modelling software for chemistry and life sciences. It’s now called Biovia.
  • From 1994-98, while working at MSI, I completed an MBA at the Open University Business School.
  • I’m a Natural Sciences Graduate, specialising in Materials Science, from the Materials Science Department at the University of Cambridge (1987-90).
  • While at Cambridge, I spent 3 happy years as a student at St Catharine’s College.

Some other links of interest to me: