We’re aiming to complete a different circular walk each week, mostly in and around Cambridgeshire although we’ve extended to an occasional Suffolk or Norfolk walk. Many of the walks come from the Ordnance Survey book of Cambridgeshire Circular Walks or the Suffolk / Norfolk equivalents. We’re keeping a record here – for our own interest and as a database of future walk ideas for ourselves and others – do try them out!

Steve & Joy

The map shows the starting points of the walks. The table below the map lists the walks, sorted alphabetically by starting location. Follow the link to the blog entry of the month in which we did the walk for details (including route maps for many of the walks).

Starting pointMilesRouteBlog
1Buckden5.5Offord-Cluny (C9)June 2021
2Chesterton5.2Along the river and around the cityDec 2020
3Coton4.9Madingley via American cemeteryApr 2021
4Cottenham7.5Long Drove + Rampton loopsMar 2021
5Ely6.8Little Thetford (C19)Mar 2021
6Fen Ditton6.6Cambridge commons and Mill RdFeb 2021
7Fen Drayton5.5Fen Drayton lakesApr 2021
8Histon5.8Oakington – Girton Jan 2021
9Houghton5.3Godmanchester Nature ReserveMay 2021
10Isleworth7.1Fen loop (C17)May 2021
11Landbeach6.6Waterbeach – river – MiltonJan 2021
12Linton7.3Rivey Hill – Hildersham (C22)Apr 2021
13Lode5.5Stow-cum-Quy Fen (C10)Mar 2021
14Lolworth6.5Chliderley, Knapwell, Boxworth (C15)Feb 2021
15Mepal3.5The Hundred Foot Drain (C1)Nov 2020
16Mildenhall7.6West Row – Worlington (S16)May 2021
17Milton4.8Country Park – Chesterton – riverJan 2021
18Newnham6.3Trumpington – Grantchester Feb 2021
19Over4.8Swavesey via the Great Ouse (C3)Nov 2020
20Reach4.5Swaffham Prior & Devil’s Dyke (C7)Nov 2020
21St Ives6Houghton & the Hemingfords (C12)Nov 2020
22St Neots8Little Paxton nature reserve (C16)May 2021
23University Library6City – Grantchester loop (C8)Dec 2020
24University Library7West Cambridge – Coton Feb 2021
25Wandlebury7Magog Down – Stapleford (C24)Jan 2021
26Wicken Fen6Upware (C11)Mar 2021
27Willingham6.3Great Ouse – Aldreth Causeway (C18)Mar 2021
28Wimpole Estate4.8Estate walk (C5)Dec 2020
29Wiveton Downs7.7Cley-next-the-sea – Blakeney (N20)June 2021
“C” in brackets after a route indicates a walk from Cambridgeshire Circular Walks. “S” indicates a walk from Suffolk Circular walks. “N” = Norfolk Circular Walks. In all cases the letter is followed by the number of the walk in that book.

Total mileage = 175.6 miles
Average walk = 6 miles