Sep 2022 – Walking target achieved!

Back in November 2020, in the midst of a national Covid lockdown, we set out to do a different circular walk each week. At some point, this turned into a project to complete 52 different walks (one for each week of a walking year) and to document those walks on this website. Well, given (thankfully) all the disruptions of a return to a more normal life, it has taken us almost two years. But this week we achieved our target!

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August 2022 walks

Just 2 walks to go to hit our target of completing 52 different local-ish circular walks. We didn’t make much progress in late July or August owing to holidays – a big European rail trip and our usual summer family visit to Ireland. We did notch up a couple of walks in County Antrim, and then our penultimate local walk project outing when we got back… almost there!

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April / May 2022 walks

April was a poor month for our walking, albeit interrupted mostly for good reasons – holiday, Easter, and family visits. For the first time in two-and-a-half years, we even managed to leave the UK with a long weekend in Amsterdam and Antwerp. We did manage to log a decent (not really circular) walk during a trip to Norfolk, which doesn’t really count towards our local walks project. We got back to that in May.

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November – a year of walks

We’ve now chalked up a year of our weekly walking project. We haven’t quite maintained the weekly pace the whole way through, as this month saw our 35th local walk (we’ve also recorded a handful of non-local ones). As life becomes more normal in this phase of the pandemic, there’s more to interrupt our regular walk slot. Thankfully, that’s included being able to travel, particularly to see family – we missed walking earlier this month partly because Joy was doing just that. Still, we’re building up a nice list (which can be seen here) and got back to it later in the month.

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